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Social Responsibility Policy

Social Responsibility Policy


In alignment with GLC’s Mission Statement, we believe it is important to eliminate cultural barriers and connect communities in a socially responsible manner.  Upon the cornerstones of caring for ourEmployees and People, conducting business with a commitment to Ethics, and working diligently with our people and our clients to effect positive change in the Communities where we live, work, and serve, GLC has built its business to effect positive social change and to be a responsible corporate community partner.


Employees and People—We take seriously the responsibility we have as a corporate citizen to support and prepare our employees and linguist partners for success in their personal lives as well as their careers.  We accomplish this goal through leading by example in areas such as workplace health and wellness, training and development for the furtherment of our staff and linguist partners’ careers, and promotion of diversity and inclusion both in the workplace as well as the broader communities we serve.


Ethics—GLC is committed to always conducting our business and treating our staff, linguist partners, and clients, in an ethical and trustworthy manner.  At GLC our definition of success is not being right, but rather always doing the right thing.


Communities—GLC understands that we cannot effect change all on our own; we need the help our staff, linguist partners, clients and the communities we serve.  We routinely partner with organizations that not provide jobs and opportunities to diverse communities and cultures, but who are also concerned about treating individuals in those communities with respect and dignity.  Conversely, we are committed to working with diverse and immigrant communities to ensure they have the resources and necessary cultural understanding to maximize positive opportunities.  By supporting socially responsible community partners and assisting those in minority communities to realize the full potential of opportunities presented to them, we believe we can improve the communities where we all live and work.