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Our Story

Global Language and Staffing Connections began as a language company formed to eliminate language barriers for immigrants while creating sustainable jobs for the linguists providing the work.

Frustration came when we realized we could only impact a limited portion of the population who were bi-lingual enough to qualify for language services jobs. We wanted to do more. It was personal.

Our families not only faced language barriers but also access to work, underemployment-based on inability to transfers skills from the countries of birth and lack of understanding how to navigate the systems in the US. We knew they had so much to offer and yet so much was lost from their ability to connect.

Digging deeper, we began to learn of the workforce shortage facing many communities and how immigrants would be the source of the future workforce. We could not contain our excitement, we could expand our success, knowledge and connections from language services to create a unique staffing firm that would accelerate the success of more immigrants while increasing the collective wealth of the greater community.


Creating connections for the greater good.


To be the global partner for creating cultural connections to drive collective wealth in communities.